Monday, October 20, 2008

No-bama: Why I will not vote for Obama

By Joel Persinger

While I generally try not to engage in political opinion making on blogs, I feel it is time for me to speak out.

As a martial artist, a Christian and an American I hold the fundamental belief that each of us has a right to make our own choices, hold our own beliefs and live our lives according to them. I also believe that each of us has an obligation to take hold of the responsibility which comes with such freedoms. I believe that, in doing so, we must agree to accept the consequences of our actions. This is called freedom. We have the freedom to say and think and do, along with the responsibility to live with the consequences whether good or bad.

For example: If I work hard and apply myself, I have a chance to succeed materially in life. On the other hand, if I sit on my butt and do nothing, I have an equal opportunity to enjoy the fruits of my lack of labor. Likewise, if I achieve some measure of success such that I have a home in which family lives and some individual decides that robbing me is the best way to get ahead, then he must accept the consequences of his actions. If he enters my home in an attempt to steal or cause injury to my family or myself, it is only right that he accept the fact that I will probably injure or kill him as a result of the choice that he made.

The problem with Obama is that he believes the opposite. He believes in what I call, “assigned responsibility” or “AR” for short. Under the concept of “AR”, a person who makes poor choices in life does not have to accept responsibility or consequences. Instead, such a person simply elects to tag himself or herself “Victim” and then assign that responsibility to someone else. In some cases, the irresponsible person assigns his or her responsibility to the government. In other cases, the responsibility is assigned to other responsible people who have made good choices. “AR” is where Mr. Obama gets his philosophy of defending the criminal instead of the victim. It is also how he came to his belief that abortion is somehow a responsible act. The very idea that “free sex” with whomever, wherever and whenever should be without consequences and that the State and it’s citizens should somehow be responsibility for bearing the financial, moral and social costs of such behavior is, at it’s very core, “AR”. As if this were not enough to glean from the “AR” approach to life, Mr. Obama has also divined the policy of raising everyone’s taxes so that HE can decide where the money goes and who gets it. This is what he told Joe the Plumber was called, “Spreading the wealth around”.

Let me dispel one myth here and now. Obama will repeal the Bush tax cuts. Now, let it be known that, just like Joe the Plumber, I do not make $250,000 per year or even close to that amount. Still, I pay far less taxes as a result of the Bush tax cuts than I did before them. I am 50 years old, not 20. So, I do remember how much I paid in taxes and how much the Bush tax cuts helped my family. I was not a snot nosed kid at the time and I am not so old that I’ve lost my memory. I can’t be fooled on this one. So, make no mistake, when someone does away with a tax cut that lowered your taxes, your taxes will go up! Folks, that is called a tax increase on the middle class! So, the claim that Obama won’t raise taxes on 95 percent of the people is just plain bull-honkey! I don’t want to insult, but if you believe that a tax & spend liberal-socialist won’t raise your taxes, you are either a fool or an idiot.

So then, the reasons why I cannot and will not vote for Senator Obama and why I urge you to vote against him are:

1. If elected, he will take great joy in making me suffer the consequences earned by those who have NOT worked to succeed, by taking what I have been able to earn with my labor and “spreading the wealth around” to those who have NOT worked or earned as I have.
2. He will work diligently, as he has since the beginning of his political career, to remove any chance I might have to defend my family in my own home or anywhere else. He will make my firearms illegal, tax any ammunition I might need to purchase by an additional 500% (he has already tried to do this in the past) and he will make it illegal for me to defend myself or my family in my own home (something he tried to accomplish as a State Senator). Thus, in Obama’s America, if someone decides to enter my home for the purpose of robbing me or harming my family, I will go to prison if I try to stop him!
3. He will stand in lock-step with those attempting to stuff gay marriage down everyone’s throats and support the irresponsible and ungodly act of abortion.

So, as one who teaches self-defense and the use of firearms, one who is a small business man, and one who is a Christian who DOES NOT support gay marriage or abortion, I must vote for John McCain & Sarah Palin. If you feel as I do about any of these issues and you are thinking about voting for Obama, I urge you to throw some cold water in your face, wake up and vote for John McCain.

If you are an Obama supporter and don’t believe me, I challenge you to look at his record. He is a socialist and easily one of the most liberal members of Congress. He may butter you up with his words, but his actions tell the tale.