Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NRA First Steps Pistol Class at P2K Range

Our NRA pistol class at P2K Range went very well. We had 10 students who were excited about learning and full of great questions.

NRA First Steps Pistol is a basic pistol orientation designed to teach students how to own, use and maintain a pistol in a safe and responsible way. It is an excellent class.

In October's class, we had students who had been shooting for years, as well as those who had never held a firearm in their lives. By the time class was over, all of them had improved their shooting. They had a great time and so did Mike Ritz and I.

Students were provided with plastic "red" and "blue" guns, so they could safely practice their two handed grips in class. They also got to hold and learn the operation of many different types of pistols, including double-action revolvers, single-action revolvers, various semi-automatic pistols, derringers, pocket pistols and several others in the "Bag-o-Guns" section of the class.

At the range, students got to practice their marksmanship and improve their shooting by applying the fundimentals of pistol shooting. Those who did not have their own firearm were provided with one of ours. We also provided the ammunition at no additional charge.

We're looking forward to the reloading classes starting in January 2010. We have reloading classes for both shot shell reloading and metallic cartridge reloading. All of our classes are NRA designed and approved classes taught by NRA certified instructors.

Pistol and reloading classes are scheduled for the entire year of 2010.